Why choose us?
At Ohana we use Lynton Laser technology who provide medical grade equipment listed on the NHS supply chain
We are Trained and certified by Lynton Lasers the UKs leading laser and IPL company
We provide High quality treatments delivered in a safe and friendly enviroment

How does it work? Pigment/ink absorbs the laser applied and heats up so rapidly that it expands due to the thermal processes too quickly and thus fractures. The smaller particles are of such a size that the body's natural defences can remove these fragments as they are foreign particles in the skin. Over several treatments the tattoo just fades away.
The amount of treatments needed will depend on a few factors:- colour/pigment used, age of the tattoo, size, how deep the ink was penetrated  when applied. It can be as vast as 8 -10 treatments before removal. A break of 8-10 weeks, minimum, between treatment is recommended.
Downtime : You can go back to your daily routine straight away. Your skin may be red for up to 24hrs but some patients may find this can be longer and may even blister which can last up to 7 days.

How much will it cost?  This all depends on size and colour of the tattoo. Our pricing starts at £55 for a 1inch squared black tattoo and increases per inch and colour.

Our Excelight IPL machine can offer treatments that are life changing for some people who suffer with unwanted pigmentation or Vascular lesions aswell as offering Skin rejuvenation and Permanant hair removal.

BEWARE - NO laser treatments can be undertaken if you have fake tan on your skin 2 weeks prior or you have been in the sun/have a tan 5 weeks prior to treatment or if you have used injectibale or tablet tanning products 3 months prior.

Below photos show what our Q PLUS C EVO ruby Laser and  Excelight IPL  can do.

IPL Leg Vein Client

This photo shows a before and after of treated leg veins.

We used IPL to treat vascular issues

This is the result after 2 treatments.For best results it can take up to 6 treatments.

RESULT- fading of leg veins and treatment will continue after summer holiday season is over.

IPL Client

This clients concerns were:

  • Red Scarring from a burn
  • Dark sun damage
  • Thread Veins on corner of nose and top of cheek area
  • Tired looking skin complexion

We used a mixture of IPL for vascular, pigmentation and rejuvenation

3 session (which is the minimum to usually see results)

RESULT- as above pigment marks, red scars have gone. Skin has plumped out and fine lines around mouth & below eyes have smoothed out. Skin appears fresher and client now does not have to wear cover up make up.

Tattoo Removal Client

This tattoo is over 15 years old and compromises of black ink.

This has had 3 treatments on it so far and as you can see there are areas already that have little or no ink left.

Why is some of it darker and not as light as the other faded areas? In this instance the tattoo had been re-tattooed over in some areas which will cause the tattoo to have to be treated as 2 tattoos (one on top of the other 6-10sessions on each one)

Cost? This removal cost £110 per session every 6-10weeks